Who needs a publisher?



Having worked as an editor of one sort or another at book publishing houses for most of my adult life, it initially came as something of a shock to me that an author might consider selling their book by any means other than getting down on their knees and begging a publishing house to do the honours on their behalf.

But, these days, nearly everyone knows how to publish a book for themselves. And anyone who doesn’t can Google it, click a few times, hand over their credit card details, and before they know it their precious manuscript is being printed and bound by a machine (or, simply, downloaded onto one).

Given the apparent simplicity of self-publishing, and the occasional tales of massive success for self-published authors, it’s easy to see why a lot of would-be authors are deeply sceptical of traditional publishing methods. People are even  questioning why publishing…

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Thee Faction – 366

Uploaded on 5 Jun 2011

This is not a promo video for Thee Faction’s ‘366’, the opening track on their album Up the Workers, or, Capitalism is Good for Corporations That’s Why You’ve Been Told Socialism is Bad All Your Life.

Go to http://www.theefaction.org for details of forthcoming gigs.
Go to http://www.sovietberet.com to buy the album.