I’ve just began my relationship with Cassie. I am a novice who needs hand-holding. She has given her professional review of what my story needs before we go to copyedit stage. I’m highly appreciative of her experience, insights and support in my first attempt to self-publish. May I take this opportunity to thank you Cassie.

Karen Brady, self-published author
Cassie has a remarkable wealth of experience, which was reflected in her approach to my request. It was a pleasure to work with her, she was professional, approachable and knowledgeable in her field, completing my requirements in very good time. I can highly recommend her services and would definitely want to work with her again.
Hazel Roberts, self-published author

“Cassie Fox/Schmublishing were a brilliant help to me. As an aspiring author, I was pretty much at sea about the process. Her deep knowledge of the industry made her advice spot-on and crystal clear. She had great contacts in the business. She worked extremely quickly and thoroughly, and came up with ideas and solutions I could never have had on my own – all at a very reasonable price. On top of that, she has a natural empathy which helps her understand projects and what you want quickly: she was a pleasure to spend time with. I thoroughly recommend her and Schmublishing!”

Dr Hilary Moore, MBA, author of Great Business English

We used Cassie Fox/Schmublishing for editing a first publication and uploading it to Amazon/Kindle. The editing was a thorough, professional job, increasingly hard to find these days with editors using software to cut corners without reading key parts of the script. The Amazon/Kindle uploading proved difficult and complicated with the site too complicated to follow once you have lost the theme. Again Cassie Fox/Schmublishing proved their worth in both piloting us through the various steps and taking over the whole process.
Scott Atkinson, self-published author

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